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Davis Chiropractic

Expert in drug free pediatric, prenatal, and family health care in Omaha NE.

Our practice is built with your family's health and happiness in mind. Our Omaha NE chiropractor advocates for an incredible healing experience for the toughest of cases including epilepsy and the wide range of special needs your family lives with.

From well baby checks to youth and adult sports performance, we help patients of all ages. Aches and pains? We've got you! Family wellness care is our top priority. If you've tried it all and looking for consistent and attainable wellness then we've got you covered. Let us help you and your family heal and reach your wellness goals.

Davis Chiropractic

Neurologically Focused. Pediatric Care. Prenatal Care. Family Wellness.

Visit our family-friendly space where you'll enjoy a positive and first-class healing experience. We're committed to providing hope, answers, and help. We provide chiropractic care unlike anything you've tried before and our goal is to help you and your family navigate your health in a whole new way.

At Davis Chiropractic, you'll experience what health really means. We know from experience that health and wellness are about more than just feeling good. A body functioning at its fullest potential helps us heal, live fully, and reach our optimal health everyday.

We help families who have lost their health and need it repaired. Maybe you simply have that "gut feeling" that something in your life needs to change. That you need to do something more to maintain the best lifestyle possible in the busy world around us. We are here for you!

Davis Chiropractic is dedicated to maximizing all aspects of health through the first-class chiropractic care we provide. We see patients of all ages. We specialize in family care, pediatrics, pregnancy, and family wellness with a special focus on sensory processing disorders and neuro-developmental disorders. We've got what you and your family need to get well and to stay well.

We'll do all that we can to help you and your family live a healthy and happy life.

Services We Provide

Chiropractic Omaha NE Chiropractic Care


With chiropractic adjustments, you can give your body the best possible opportunity to prevent this or give your body the best chance to return to a healthy state.

Chiropractic Omaha NE Massage Therapy


A massage can help you overcome aches and pains by restoring the blood passages to your back, giving those muscles a quick pick me up in the form of oxygen.

Chiropractic Omaha NE Nutrition


Most people searching for nutrition services in Omaha NE have trouble finding a program that works for them. Davis Chiropractic can help.

Discover the Truth With Us

Health originates from the within, and we want you to recognize this. There is an alternative if you're tired of taking pills or attempting to deal with difficulties.

We assist you in identifying the underlying reasons for your health problems by listening to you and acting as a guide. Medication used to relieve symptoms frequently masks the symptoms itself. Healthy living starts from the inside.

Please know there is a better approach if you're tired of taking several drugs or attempting to manage the difficulties and side effects that come with it.

At Davis Chiropractic, we pay attention to your health concerns and work with you to enhance your wellness and health. We see parents and kids who are fed up and upset, and we want you to know that you can succeed once more!

Personalized Care

We'll look after you in a way you've never known. Making sure you’re seen and heard underpins every procedure in our office.

We think the best technology should be used to demonstrate to you the positive impact chiropractic care is having on your health. The cutting-edge scans you'll receive provide essential information on how stress is affecting your body. They are non-invasive, quick to perform, and only take a few minutes.

Every twelve visits, new scans are taken during your repair and restoration phase of care. We constantly monitor your progress because we want to assist you achieve the outcomes you're after.

Whether you’re into work, family, technology, sports, or fishing, Davis Chiropractic has your back with tailored programs to help you get back to what you do best.

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Spinal and Postural Screenings
  • Massage Therapy
  • Family Care