5 Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment After a Car Accident in Omaha NE

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Many experts recommend chiropractic treatment after one has been involved in an accident. The therapy can align your spine to its correct position and care for other accident-related injuries. If you are involved in an accident, the best remedy for your injuries is care from a chiropractor in Omaha NE. Here are some of the benefits you can get from engaging a chiropractor after you are involved in a car accident.

Reduce Inflammation in Omaha NE

Physical injury often leads to inflammation, and that could be the case if you get into a car accident. To some extent, there is normal inflammation as the body tries to heal without outside forces. However, too much inflammation is not healthy and could bring a lot of discomfort. It could also be problematic for your tissues.

The chiropractor will work with the focus on manipulation of your spine and an end goal of realignment of the spinal cord. After this, you can expect your body to reduce the inflammatory cytokine production and pain in your back. Understand that inflammatory back pain is quite different from mechanical back pain. Excessive inflammation has symptoms such as increased pain after staying inactive for an extended period of time and bodily stiffness. If inflammation is the root cause of your back pain, your pain will most likely be severe in the mornings when you wake up.

Reduce Scar Tissue

After an auto injury has healed, you can expect scar tissue to appear. Scar tissues from collagen form when tendons and muscles are damaged as your body tries to repair them. The downside of scar tissue is that it can cause stiffness and long-term pain. Typically, the tissue should heal independently after an accident and return to its original function. If this is not the case and it causes some form of discomfort, visit a chiropractor. They can apply unique techniques that break the scar tissue area for faster healing.

Minimize Pain

Chiropractic adjustments after getting involved in an accident may reduce your body's pain. During these spinal manipulations, the body naturally releases pain-relieving hormones, minimizing pain. The University of Spain conducted research that showed a rise in neurotensin, oxytocin, and cortisol levels in the bloodstream. That was after spinal manipulation in the test subjects.

Restore Range of Motion

Car accidents can have an impact on your body. One of the common effects is that you can easily lose the flexibility of the back or the neck. The loss could result from misaligned joints in your spine and inflammation of the formation of scar tissue. The chiropractic doctor at Davis Chiropractic can restore your range of motion by aligning your spine and restoring the joints to their initial position.

Experience Non-Invasive Treatment

No one loves surgeries, especially if it is due to an auto injury. The injury is already painful, so surgery will only make matters worse. However, you should remember that taking too long before seeking chiropractic care for your injuries could leave you with no option but surgery. Many people love chiropractic treatment since it is non-invasive. The practice may also align your joints and spine without surgery. Visiting a chiropractor as soon as possible after an accident can reduce your chances of surgery.


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