How a Chiropractor Can Help with Shoulder Pain in Omaha NE

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Shoulder pain has been one of the more common conditions reported for seeking chiropractic care in Omaha NE. It affects many people coming to seek our services. Keep in mind that the shoulder is a complicated joint in your body. That is because it contains a ball and socket. It can move in almost all directions. Some experts say that the shoulder is one of the most mobile parts of the human body. That could never be far from the truth, given the wide range of activities we have to do with our arms. However, the flexibility and mobility mean it is not a stable joint. It can sustain injuries, so therefore as mentioned, we often encounter shoulder issues at Davis Chiropractic.

About 70% of the population will experience shoulder pain at some point. Shoulder pain can also be grouped into two categories, like musculoskeletal conditions. The two main categories are chronic and acute. About half of all the shoulder problems disappear in around 8-12 weeks. However, 40% of these issues will become a mountain of problems and prolong to even one year, which can be tedious. That is why it is advisable to address any shoulder issue as early as possible before it turns out to be chronic.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Omaha NE

Shoulder pain can come about due to diverse issues, but the most common is repetitive poor posture. Other issues such as cell phone or computer use, and prolonged sitting will also affect some muscles attached to the shoulder. The muscles help stabilize the joint. Poor posture may result in muscle imbalance causing your shoulders to roll forward.

Pain in the shoulders could also come from traumas like stress, car accidents, falls, joint degeneration (osteoarthritis), or repetitive movements. These causes tend to misalign the shoulder joints.

At Davis Chiropractic, our main objective is to assess, identify and correct the postural and misalignments via chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises. Keep in mind there are diverse issues that could lead to shoulder pain. Our chiropractor can work to identify the root cause of your shoulder issue to address it effectively.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis, also known as Frozen Shoulder, causes shoulder pain. Your shoulder joints are housed in a capsule that includes synovial fluid to reduce friction when the joint is in motion. Upon the thickening of the capsule, you can expect restriction in movement in your shoulder, which will ultimately cause pain if not addressed. Frozen shoulder manifests in three stages: freezing, frozen, and thawing.

During the freezing stage, mobility decreases, and the shoulder could become painful after some movements. During the frozen phase, movement in your shoulder is limited, but the pain keeps reducing. In the thawing stage, the symptoms keep reducing, and mobility improves. Frozen shoulder is rampant in people having an issue such as stroke or a broken arm bone.

We can treat a frozen shoulder and make the joints mobile once more. Chiropractic care infused with stretches and exercises can help restore proper shoulder motion.


There are some fluid-filled sacs in your shoulder joints known as bursae. Typically, these sacs provide support and cushioning to your shoulder joints to reduce pressure from other nearby bones. Unfortunately, the bursae can get inflamed because of wear and tear or overuse, which ultimately causes bursitis. You will feel the pain outside your shoulders or on the top once you have bursitis. Rotating your arm or lifting it overhead increases the pain and aggravates the bursae.

Some people take medication, but natural remedies with chiropractic care can control the condition. You could apply gentle movement exercises to enhance the healing process. Ice is also helpful in decreasing inflammation in the affected area.

Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuffs are muscles that surround and support your glenohumeral joint. The muscles offer stability to the joint to avoid dislocations. Rotator cuff injuries result from straining the rotator cuff muscle, which could be a deep ache in your shoulder. This injury is common in construction workers or athletes.

Fortunately, these injuries can heal naturally with some help from massage, chiropractic care, and exercise. You can also use it on the injured area to reduce inflammation. However, invasive treatment may be more viable for severe rotator cuff injuries.

Shoulder Sprain

A lot of people confuse between sprain and strain. Strain is for the muscles, while a sprain is for the ligaments that connect bones. Your shoulder has several ligaments that connect the arm bones and ligaments, keeping them stable. However, overuse or trauma can result in a sprain in these ligaments, causing inflammation and pain.


This issue is also called Degenerative Arthritis. It happens when your joint is worn down after a prolonged period. It causes inflammation and decreases joint space, which may limit your shoulder's functionality and can be painful. Risk factors contributing to osteoarthritis include past injuries, age, weight, and repetitive stress on the joint.

This condition will affect any joint in your body, but the shoulder is more susceptible. Understand that osteoarthritis is irreversible, but it can be managed to halt or slow down progression. Experts can diminish the condition with the right time and care to allow you to enjoy your life.


To a large extent, yes, they can. These experts know how to assess your shoulder's movements and locate any misalignment and restrictions at your neck or shoulder joints. Chiropractic adjustments may help restore normal motion and alignment, alleviating the pain in your shoulders.


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